March 2017 Schedule

Sundays 3 PM

Held at Unity Church9126 SW 10th Ave., Topeka

  5th       Spirit Mind Body Fair * ExpoCentre Ag Hall on Topeka Blvd and 17th ST. Come join  us 10:00—7:00 Saturday and 11:00—5:00 Sunday for a fun-filled adventure.  Energy healing, health products,  clothes, gems, stones, jewelry, herbs, teas, candles, guest lectures, door prizes, gourmet food and much more!  $7 donation at the door.   Look for $1 off coupons around town or on line!

   12th     ISC in Winter Recess…  Enjoy the season from where-ever You are.  No formal meeting on this date

 19th   Book Study:  “Creating a Life Together: Practical tools to grow Ecovillages and Intentional Communities” by Dianna Leafe Christian 

Have you ever thought of being a part of a community but felt unsure how to go about structuring such a living situation?  Well…this book is a unique guide to launching and sustaining successful ecovillages and intentional communities – and avoiding the typical mistakes in the process. Distilling the wisdom from dozens of successful community projects, it outlines what works, what doesn’t work and how not to reinvent the wheel.  This book is one of the most up-to-date resources available on making your community dream come true.   **You do not have to read the book to enjoy an enlivening discussion of community development.  Do drop in!!

 26th  Share Session:  Daily Practice for loving kindness to self and all.  Topic can include how we use our communication and other methods of interaction for harmony, personal growth/development, inner happiness, and cultivating equanimity.